40 years of democracy

June 15th, 2017 marked the forty-year anniversary of the first democratic elections celebrated in Spain, only 19 months after the disappearance of General Franco. From ‘Spaniards, Franco is dead’, announced by Arias Navarro on TVE, we move forward to ‘Spaniards, democracy is back’, that Adolfo Suárez, his successor in the Presidency of the Government, could have stated, with nobody believing he would be able to do it in the first place. From there, in a big leap, to December 20th, 2015, when Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera simultaneous declared: ‘Spaniards, bipartisanship is dead.’ Hosted by journalist and sociologist Manuel Campo Vidal, 40 Years of Democracy covers everything we always wanted to know and were never told about Democracy. This documentary series shows the testimonies of the key figures of this fundamental phase in the history of Spain. Presidents of the Government, politicians, jurists, journalists, writers, entrepreneurs, artists and citizens will narrate how they lived the most relevant events in the country. Along six episodes, viewers will discover the figures and places that were essential in the recovery of democracy.   Furthermore, this series will show the evolution of the country and its citizens up to the present day.


Ep. 1 Bye-bye dictatorship

Ep. 2 Constitution vs coup-d’état

Ep. 3 The modernization of Spain

Ep.4 The Atlantic opening

Ep.5 The lost decade

Ep.6 The decline of bipartidism







6 x 45'






The History Channel Iberia