8 Minutes


The biggest environmental tragedy in Brazil happened 2 years ago.  19 people died.

The sludge of a mine swept the village of Bento Rodrigues and destroyed the habitat of dozen of municipalities in the area. 

Our research brings to a conclusion: the responsibility of the mining company, Samarco.


Eight minutes was the time the sludge of Samarco’s mine to sweep completely the Brazilian village of Bento Rodrigues.  19 people died.  Thousands lost their homes.  Dozens of thousands (fishermen, farmer…) lost their way of living.

The Company did not even install any alarm system in case of emergency.  If only 19 people died, and not hundreds, was thanks to the heroism of one of Bento Rodriguez neighbors who risked her life to alert their neighbors.  Her name is Paula and she is the protagonist of “8 minutes”

During the piece we will see evidences and more evidences, provided by the Attorney’s Office, the Federal Police and the victims, of the negligence of Samarco.  The corporation tries to keep silence but the arguments against them are overwhelming.




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