A Baltimor story

The death of a young Afro-American in Ferguson, shot to death by a white police officer triggered violent riots. Those protest spread quickly to other big cities in the country like Baltimore or NYC.

These incidents have reopened the debate of ratial discrimination and they evidence that the Luther King’s dream has not been achieved. After the killing in a church in Charleston of several Afro-Americans by a white supremacist the debate around the arms control has instensified.

We search in Baltimore the roots to those problems. The city was under chaos for several days after the funeral of Freddie Gray, the young Afro-American who died under police custody. The peaceful protest leaded to violent riots in the middle of uncontrolled rage. The state of emergency was declared and curfew was imposed, and the National Guard had to be deployed. The Afro-American boroughs like West Baltimore are the symbol of the despair and desperation of many black people.

“En Portada” has tried to know this city that is like two in one, the one with the poor Afro-American people and the other with a majority of white people filled with wealth, development and wellbeing. West Baltimore is the place for hardships, drugs, criminality, death, jail, poverty, discrimination but also improvement and redemption.




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