A circular journey

The circular economy proposes to change the actual model of buying, using and discarding.  It tries to imitate the cycle of life where nothing is destroyed but transformed. 

En Portada has visited two of the biggest projects: Peterborough, in the U.K., and Amsterdam.



In 2050 the human population will reach up to 9.000 millions and the natural resources will continue to exhaust.  A way to save commodities is to design and make products in a way those could be recycled easily.  We can obtain this way a second life and avoid those goods to end up in a garbage dump.  The idea is to stop generating more waste.


Holland is one of those countries that take this new economic model seriously.  From new neighborhoods designed under the principles of the circular economy to different goods and even medical equipment.  A new way to consume and take care of the planet.


Peterborough in the U.K. is a city designed to be built following the principles of circular economy.  There, any project has to accomplish with the seven “R” of circular economy: Re-think, re-design, reduce, reuse, remake, repair and recycle.




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