All for a dream

Last November 15th Spanish actor, Antonio Banderas, made one of his dreams come true: to raise a theater in his hometown, Malaga, and to premiere it with a revival of the legendary Broadway musical play “A Chorus Line”.  The theater has been named after the neighborhood where it is located: Soho Theater.  A project raised, in the actor’s words, with non-profit making, and it will be directed by Lluis Pasqual.  The play is a revival of the original production, premiered in 1975.  It is co-directed by Antonio Banderas himself and the choreographer and dancer Baayork Lee, who performed in the original play at Broadway.  A show that talks about dreams, work, sacrifice and hope of a group of dancers facing an audition.

We have witnessed the effort and complexity it means to create a show like this.  During several weeks we have shared the stage with 26 actors, next to the orchestra of 20 musicians performing live and the technical crew in charge of managing the ins and outs of the backstage to make it all works.

Antonio Banderas tells who “A Chorus Line” changed the paradigm of musicals, putting the spotlight on the members of the chorus, those who are behind the stars.  And he assures this is the spirit he wants to keep on this new theater Soho CaixaBank.  He also tells with emotion what has made him to run this project after his successful film career in Hollywood.




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1 x 52'


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