Ay, Carmen!

This is the story, told in first person, by Carmen Maura, a woman who became an actress against all odds.  Her overwhelming personality made us all fall in love in those first Almodovar’s movies.


Carmen Maura emerged powerfully in the Spanish film and television during the transition years to democracy, and she was a key figure during the first Almodovar’s movies.  She moved to different registers and she succeeded in films like “Ay Carmela!”, “Extramuros” and “Sombras en una batalla”, and she became essential in some of the best movies by Alex de la Iglesia.


Her long, international and very prolific career have made her one of the most respected actresses in Europe.  Carmen speaks frankly in this documentary about herself, her childhood, her calling, her difficulties, her first steps in the industry, about the way she works and lives, what she thinks and feels, about her discoveries and disappointments.  She speaks up with her particular sense of humor, her sincerity and intelligence.


English, Spanish


Film, Biography


1 x 52' & 1 x 90'


One Off




TVE / Abordar Casa de Películas / Movistar