Béatrice's two lives

En Portada shows the live of Béatrice Huret, an ordinary woman whose life took an unexpected turn when she stood foot in the Jungle of Calais: from being a policemen’s wife to a criminal.

Next to Béatrice we will discover the situation of migrants.

She was on the lists of the National Front, the extreme right party and inti-immigration, in France, and she ended up being sentenced for helping irregular immigration.

Béatrice’s transformation, an ordinary woman in the region of Pas de Calais, will serve us to illustrate the impact and transformation of the region in the North of France due to the massive arrival of immigrants since 2002 whose final destination is the United Kingdom.

We return to Calais, three years after the dismantling of the Jungle, the immigrant’s camp where up to 10,000 people lived. This macro-camping site disappeared and some measures have been implemented to avoid new ones, despite the fact many migrants from Iraq and Afghanistan keep arriving and creating “mini-jungles”.

“You have the impression to be in a city at war”, this is the way our protagonist describes the city of Calais. A frontier city, completely fenced around the area next to the Eurotunnel o the ferries that crosses the English Channel. The presence of police is still extraordinary.

More and more people are venturing to cross it by boat, a very risky attempt because the English Channel is the strait with more traffic in the world. Béatrice was one of the first ones to explore this alternative to help some Iranians and she ended up in court and sentenced. She has decided to share their personal journey from one extreme to the other in the French political life to contribute to the debate around immigration.




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