Bolivar´s Bridge

En Portada travels to the most dynamic border in Latin America: Simon Bolivar’s Bridge, between Cúcuta (Colombia) and San Antonio Táchira (Venezuela)

With a border of more than 2,200 kilometers between Colombia and Venezuela, the North area of Santander-Táchira is one of the most important and sensible ones. Here, the international bridge of Simon Bolivar, between Táchira, in Venezuela and Cúcuta, in Colombia, is the most transited border point in Latin America.

At both sides of the river Táchira, Colombians and Venezuelans not only share a common language and gastronomy, but also families, history, economy, problems and conflicts. Their fluid relationships are not trouble-free. The border was recently closed for almost one year. So the re-opening on August 13th 2016 was a crowded celebration.

Since then, despite the cross is still limited and has not recovered the past days, Colombians and Venezuelans cross to the other side every day in a constant coming and going. Colombians looks for the cheap gas of Venezuela, while the people from Venezuela can find their staple items that disappeared from their shops. A constant move of goods grounded by price differences that also brings small smuggling but also attracts major criminal groups.




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