Cabrera: The Ancient Mediterranean

Cabrera is an archipelago located at the South of Mallorca, made out of the main island of Cabrera, the Conills Islands and around fifteen smaller islets.  It is the best preserved archipelago in the Mediterranean.


Inhabited most of its history, it has kept until today the biggest part of its natural values.  Declared National Maritime Park on the 29th of April 1991, the first ever declared in Spain.  Ever since, different actions have been taken to recover both its land and sea habitats.

Cabrera is home of many unique animal and vegetable species, giving shelter to an important number of endemic species in the Balearics: the Balearic shearwater and the Balearic warbler.  But Cabrera does put it easy for its species and it constantly challenges them for survival: droughts, heavy insolation, constant winds and gales have made species living here



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