Camaron de la Isla, time of legend

More than 30 years ago, this Spanish flamenco singer recorded “La Leyenda del Tiempo” (The legend of time) with lyrics of Federico García Lorca, Omar Khayan or KiKo Veneno. It was a different record, that had, at its times, as many lovers as detractors. Today, many consider it the best flamenco record ever, for its eagerness to open new paths. While Spain learnt how to live withouth a dictatorship, Camaron let his beard grow, he abandoned his sufix, “de la Isla” and hold an electric guitar to match flamenco, rock and jazz.

The audience will discover great images, songs and concerts of the songwriter, as the one he made for the launching of a record in 1979, besides of other fragments, rehearsals and songs of Veneno, Smash, Lole y Manuel, Sabicas or Joe Beck (Rock Encounter).

The future of flamenco, the importance of the lyrics, the new rythms, the limits between what it is and it is not… there are some of the questions raised.




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