Cara Venezia

A city harassed by massive tourism that only pays attention to its monuments and forgets about its spirit. A Venice that is becoming lonelier, with less residents, scared of huge cruises and drowning in corruption of its politicians.

We visit Venice, the old canal city that is getting empty of local residents who always lived there. In 40 years, the number of Venetians has dropped to a half. The high prices of housing, the scarcity of jobs outside the touristic sector and the loss of the urban duties to benefit the tourists are threating the city to become a theme park.

Some of the projects destined to save the city, like the Mose Project, that tries to prevent floods during the high tide, have uncovered a vast network of corruption that ended with many local and regional politicians in jail.

Despite the reduction and aging of the population, in Venice, several protesting citizen movements have sprung against the entrance of big cruisers in the lagoon. In the peak season, up to 9 cruisers may sail around the city during the weekend. Some residents alert that those big ships could harm their fragile structure while those who make their living out of tourism argue the cruisers bring prosperity to a city in need of their visitors.




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