Charles V – The Emperor’s way

Through this series we follow the life of Charles I of Spain and Holy Roman Emperor. He became the most powerful men on Earth of his times and he set base of the biggest Empire ever known.

With the help of historical reenactments and the participation of experts we will discover one of the key figures of European History of the 16th Century.

Ep. 1  – The born of an Emperor


At 17 years old, Charles V, the traveller king, steps foot for the very first time in Castille, entering a land he ended heiring.  A tense encounter, close to Valladolid, Charles, considered by the Spaniards as a foreigner, and an usurper of the Crown, meets his brother Fernando, his rival in sucession.

Ep. 2. Charles, the traveller Emperor


The young Charles arrives to Valladolid to proclaim King of Castille, in a court not lacking controversy.  With everything well tied-up, Charles goes to Aquisgran to be crowned as Emperor.  During all those years, he visits cities like Toledo, Guadalupe or Seville, where he marries Elisabeth of Portugal.

Ep. 3. Farewells


The Ottoman Empire moves forward Europe and Charles has to stop his expansion.  Nevertheless, the Emperor suffers an important emotional distress after the death of his wife.  The King of France, the Lutherans or the lack of cash flow end up taking Charles down, who starts thinking about his abdication.

Ep. 4 . Through the lands of Castille


After his abdication, Charles finds a perfect site to retire: the Monastery of Yuste.  After disembarking in Laredo, he starts a tortuous journey crossing the tough paths and several mountain passes.  His health suffers and the tormented spirit of the Emperor breaks down.

Ep. 5. The last journey


In this last episode we follow the last days of the Emperor at the Monastery of Yuste, where he will suffer from gout with high fever and hallucinations.


English, Spanish


History, Docudrama


5 x 30'






RTVE / Orange Productions