Colombia, the price of peace

The victims wish for peace and justice, but also that forgiveness does not bring impunity. Among them, we paid special attention to those known as “False Positives”, the youngsters killed by members of the Colombian Army that were considered guerrilla members beaten in combat.

In Colombia, the crimes are counted by hundreds of thousands and the rate of impunity and unresolved crimes is very high. However, in the middle of this map of pain, a group of mothers made themselves to be heard. They were determined to defend the memory of their sons, and to let the world know their innocence.

This was the way Colombians heard for the first time about the “false positives”. This sinister plot had the collaboration of some members of the Colombian Army. The method consisted in murdering youngsters who were recruited with lies in order to present them, after manipulating evidences, as members of the guerrilla, killed in combat. In return, those soldiers and high-ranking officers, were offered rewards, money or promotions.

There are more than 6,000 documented out of court executions. The peace process opens many questions about what will happen to the guilty ones. It is time now for Politics but also some formulas are sought in order to justice not to be sacrificed for the sake of peace.




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