De(s)troit portraits a bankrupt city fighting for survival.

En Portada visits some of its ruins, symbol of the end of a magnificent era.

In less than 100 years, Detroit has gone from being the role model of the “American way of life” the symbol of the American dream, to become a contemporary acropolis of uncertain future. There is no other town that represents better the growing and decline of a big city than the old “Motown”, once the world capital of the automobile industry, the Paris of the North, and the arsenal of democracy.

The decay of Detroit does not belong to one single reason, but to the fatal coincidence of many different elements. From the change of the production model to the sudden brake of a city planned to grow and not to be empty. From the racial riots to the bad town management that ended with the official declaration of bankruptcy. From the almost 2 million people that inhabited in town to the scarce 700,000 of today.

Today, it is cheaper to buy a house in Detroit than a car: there are 70,000 abandoned households. The city faces a massive destruction process. It has to decide which zones to restore and which to demolish, but above all it has to define in what to devote to for the next years. The challenge is huge.




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