Domènech i Montaner, a polyhedric architect

Lluís Domènech i Montaner was an architect able to raise a hotel of the size of a half a soccer field in 83 days. Author of the Palau de la Música and the San Pau Hospital in Barcelona, two buildings declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.


Domènech i Montaner was a big enthusiast of technical innovations and a pioneer in scientific photography, he used as a tool to bring nature to architecture, and to reassess the forgotten Romanesque art. But he was not only an architect obsessed by light but also a theoretician, urbanist, historian, archaeologist, humanist, lecturer, founder of political parties and newspapers, graphic designer, illustrator, editor and an agglutinative factor of cultural and political initiatives. The documentary includes, among others, testimonies of his great-grandson, Luis Domènech I Birbau, Enric Granell, professor in History of Architecture at Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña, Mireia Freiza, professor in History of Art at Universidad de Barcelona or Oriol Bohigas, architect and ex-president of the Ateneo of Barcelona.




Visual Arts, Architecture


1 x 60'


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