Don't die without going to Ronchamp

Master of masters, Oíza left in the classrooms of the Architecture School of Madrid the essence of his thoughts, defined by himself as contradictory. Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oíza was born in Cáseda (Navarra), but he was raised in Seville. His father, also an architect, asked for a transfer to Madrid, with all his family, so his son could study Architecture in the capital.


“Don’t die without going to Ronchamp” enters in the legend of the character and the close relationship he had with the writer and poet Jorge Oteiza, who he met during the 50s in Aranzazu, whose relationship lasted until his death. It was precisely Oteiza who, during the last months of life of the architect, told him to visit the chapel Le Corbusier raised in the Northeast of France and gave birth to this mythical sentence: “Don’t die without going to Ronchamp”.


He was a controversial character, creator of distant works among them in style and the public valuation. If Oíza was right and architecture is like graphology, maybe by entering Torres Blancas, the Bank of Bilbao or the Palacio de Festivals in Santander it will make us understand the universe that surrounded Oíza and meet him beyond his work.




Visual Arts, Painting


1 x 60'


One Off