El Salvador looks for a savior

En Portada travels to the most violent country in 2015.

El Salvador cannot find an antidote against the uncontrolled violence of the gangs, especially after the failure of the ceasefire in 2012.

Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romeo assured that El Salvador is not a dead-end alley; that it is has its way out and it probably does. But an unable political establishment and the wildly violent gangs insist the other way round.

El Salvador lived an illusion of safety during the time that lasted the ceasefire in 2012, signed by the three major gangs: the Salvatrucha Mara and the two splits of the neighborhood 18; the Southern 18th and the Revolutionary 18th. The truce blown away after two years and since then, the violence has been unstoppable to the point that the country became the most violent country in the world, overtaking the neighbor, Honduras.

El Salvador looks for a savior explores some peace options. From the journalism (through the digital newspaper elfaro.net) to the Civil National Police, from the communal organization leaded by the major of San Jose de Guayabal (a NGO known as Cinde) to the company League 91 or some former members of the gangs who decided to change their lives and work in the textile industry.




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