Father Jorge

En Portada travels to Buenos Aires to learn about the origin of the option for the poor of the Pope Francis.

We visit the places that marked Father Jorge from the villas of misery to the Jesuits order

These years of Pontificate of Francis have meant for the Catholic Church a change in the rhetoric and position towards different topics like homosexuality, pedophilia or even the approach to the poorest. We travel to the origins of Father Jorge Boroglio to get the testimony of those who met him like a priest, like Jesuits provincial and like a bishop.

The main difference between Benedictus XVI and Francis does not lay in theological issues, but in their ecclesiastic background. The German Pope devoted an important part of his life to the study and debate of theology in big forums and European universities, while the Argentinian Pope actively worked in the called “misery villas” of the Great Buenos Aires. From there his constant references to the poor’s option and the objective to take the Church to the streets.




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