Finland, the quiet crisis

The causes of Finland’s economic recession are different to the rest of Europe: the fall of Nokia, the collapse of the demand of paper in the country of woods and the drop of exports to Russia explains it all.

The Government thanks that austerity is the way, trades demand economic stimulus. Finnish people are ready to sacrifice only if their social economy is guaranteed.

The economic depressing that Finland is going through, another sick economy in Europe, has hardly appeared on the media. Almost no one knows that until the end of 2015, Finland and Greece were the only two countries in the Eurozone in recession. An economic crisis that last for 6 years now, and that will be overcome, in the best of the cases, in another 3.

Finland is a role model in many aspects: its transparent banking system; its almost inexistent tax evasion, its enviable level of development or its educative system, essential for the future of the country and the envy of the rest of the world… but despite this, its debt has doubled in only 4 years, unemployment has raised and the cuttings are affecting to all chapters of its national budget… what happened?




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