From black to green

The U.N. is asking for a commitment and real efforts in its climate summit and Poland has a lot to offer. 

 Its energy policy is based on coal, but the European Union is pressing to speed up the transition to renewable energies.  


 The U.N. is gathering this week in New York all political leaders to ask them for efforts and commitments to fight climate change.  We visit the Polish region of Silesia.  There, it is located the main mining area of the country, and it is the scenario of the fight between traditional energies and the renewable ones, between mines and mills.  Paradoxically, the former Climate Summit took place there, in its capital, Katowice.

We visit one of their most emblematic coal mines, Wujek.  1,500 people work there.  Mines are still the main job source in all the region and the trade unions still keep a lot of power.

In the North of the country, where wind facilitates the installation of wind farms, the mills are spreading in rural Poland.  In 2020 Poland has made a commitment with the European Union to get at least 15% of their energy coming from green energies.

More and more citizens in the country are asking for this transition toward clean energies to fight pollution and climate change.  Nevertheless, the conservative government of Law and Justice keeps reluctant to set a date to end coal and ask that before doing so, the funds needed to carry out this transition are set in place.




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