Gervasio Sánchez, war witness

The documentary takes us in a journey to Sarajevo with Gervasio Sánchez, to meet Adis Smajic, wounded by an anti-personnel mine when he was therteen years old.


Gervasio Sánchez has spent the last three decades travelling to countries in conflict with his photo camera to document the pain of the victims. He is a journalist that has kept independent to denounce the political and economical implications of different States in wars. Though his photographs, he has shown the fragility, helplessness and brutality to which victims are exposed in any war conflict. His professional career starts in 1984, when he covers most part of the armed conflicts as the Gulf War, the Balcans, in Africa, in Asia or in Latin America. In his first book, “The besiege of Sarajevo”, published in 1994, he shows the hardships of the citizens in the besieged city. In 1995 his project “Mined lives” documents the live of the victims of anti-personnel mines during almost 20 years.


Gold Dolphin Award as Best Docudrama in Cannes Corporate Media & TV Festival.


English, Spanish


Visual Arts


1 x 60'


One Off