Gil Parrondo, from my window

“Gil Parrondo, from my window” is a documentary about the life of the most important and awarded Artistic Director in the Spanish cinema. A journey to the trade of the set decorator, as he liked to define his job, together with the most important international film directors and actors.

He will tell anecdotes and memories of his beginnings, his two Oscar awards, his four Goyas, his experiences shooting with Nicholas Ray, Anthony Mann, David Lean, Richard Lester, F.J. Shaffner, George Cukor, Orson Wells, Edgar Neville, Jaime Chávarri, José Luís Garci or Carlos Saura.

With unseen footage and sequences of some of his best movies as Patton, Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia, Mr. Arkadin, 55 days in Beijing, , The fall of the Roman Empire, The Grandfather or The bicycles are for the summer.
And interventions of friends and colleagues as Richard Laster, Jaime Chavarri, Ivonne Black, Jose Luis Garci, Felix Murcia, Julian Mateos, Jesus Garcia Dueñas or Cayetana Guillen Cuervo.




Visual Arts, Film


1 x 52


One Off