Glances of May 68

En Portada tracks what is left today of May ‘68


It is now 50 years of that spring full of hopes of dreams, but tremendously convulse by the emblematic May of 68 in France and the events during that year in other countries.

En Portada travels to Paris to analyze the legacy of those days through the glances of some of their protagonists like Alain Krivine, one of the leaders of May 68 and today, in the board of the New Anticapitalistic Party, the sociologist Alain Touraine, professor of one of the leaders of the revolt, Daniel Cohn-Benidt, in the University of Nanterre, where it all began or Dominique Grange, singer in the barricades and the occupied factories.  We have visited also the iconic British singer, Caroline de Bendern, whose photography carrying a Vietnamese flag travelled around the world.

The work goes far beyond the historical fact and searches in the new generations how they see, with the historical perspective, what happened then.  We will do so with Raphaël Glucksmann, director of the Nouvelle Gazette Literaire and son of the deceased philosopher André Glucksman or with Loïc Canitrot, cofounder of the movement Nuit Debout.

We return to the emblematic locations of that May, like the University of Nanterre, the courtyard of the Sorbonne University or the Latin Quarter in Paris.  We have dived in the “archives of power” in France to find the speech of the President DeGaulle on the 30th of May 1968 that meant the beginning of the end of the student and workers revolt.




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