God’s soldier

En Portada describes the keys of Bolsonaro’s victory in Brazil.  

The Evangelical church had a key role in the election.  


En Portada travels to Brazil to explain how 58 million people voted for a far-right President.  An electoral victory deeply influenced by religion, lies and social networks.


Many of his voters are Evangelical Christians and there it lies one of the keys to his victory: the massive support Bolsonaro received from this vigorous movement with a huge national political influence.  Bolsonaro shares with the Evangelicals their conservative ideology, not only in moral issues, but also in safety or economy matters.


En Portada visited two Evangelical churches in Rio.  One, where a powerful Evangelical pastor and personal friend of Bolsonaro resides, in a middle class neighborhood, and another one in a tiny temple in the favela of Rocinha, that gives the idea of how this religion has infiltrated in all social layers in Brazil.


God’s soldier was recorded the days before and after the elections, a campaign deeply influenced by fake news and the massive use of social networks, one of the keys to the victory of the new President.




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