Grail, in search of the holy truth

In the 11th Century, a famine lashed Egypt.  The Sultan asked for help to the prosper Caliphate of Denia.  In exchange, the Sultan gave a precious artefact cherished by all Christianity: The Goblet Cup of the Last Supper of Jesus, seized in Jerusalem before the crusades.


The finding in the Al-azhar library of unheard-of documents opens a new door to the history of the Holy Grail.  Chasing the journey of the goblet, from the Last Supper table to our days, we examine the rights and wrongs of the human race that have set up the world as we know it today.  The goblet travels through time at the mercy of the nobility and the poorness of spirit of men.  The yoke of people subjugating other people, war and extermination among people due to religion will threaten the conservation of this icon.  But the respect and overcoming by some people in moments of need, protecting it in every single step, made its survival possible.  The history of the goblet is the story of the never-ending battle between the harmony and hatred of men.  Its survival during the ups and downs in its history shows us that despite the failures of the past, different people and cultures are able to bear and respect each other.  This is the chronicle of the human dimension, coined in a humble goblet that has managed to survive 2,000 years of civilization.


Spanish, English


Factual Entertainment


1 x 60'






Sevenfor / Mediacrest Entertainment