Helga and the butterflies

En Portada tells the story of Helga Weissová.

She survived one of the toughest and bloody periods in the History of Europe.

Butterflies disappeared from Helga’s life when she was a 12 year’s old little girl, and it took a long time for them to go back to her life, almost4 years later. That is the reason why, butterflies are, for her, a symbol of liberty, she has used to replace the yellow star of her childhood.

Helga Weissová is a survivor of the genocide, a war and two totalitarian regimes. She is part of the memory of one of the toughest and bloodiest periods in the History of Europe.

And as an exceptional witness, this Judeo-Czech artist, born in Prague in 1929, she reminds us what she expressed since she was a child in her drawings and paintings. The Nazism and her reclusion in four different concentration camps (Terezin, Auschwitz-Bikernau, Freiberg and Mauthausen): The Holocaust, the WWII, the Iron Curtain, the Prague Spring, the crumbling of the East Block and the Velvet Revolution that brought freedom back to the Czech Republic.

Helga considers she has an obligation to give testimony as a warning to avoid History to be repeated, to avoid oblivion and to save butterflies from disappearance.




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1 x 40'


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