Holland in light and shade

En Portada shows the Dutch paradox, an open and tolerant country where the extreme right could succeed.

En Portada travels to Holland to dive into the causes that led to the germination of the extreme right in the most liberal and open-minded society in Europe.

Last March 15th 2017 took place in The Netherlands the General Elections. The extreme right populist Geert Wilders, compete against the former Prime Minister, the liberal Mark Rutte. In any case, following different opinion polls, none of them could obtain the majority to govern alone, and a coalition will be needed again.

The main parties already declared they would not side with Wilders. The Dutch Elections is the first of other important ones in different European countries as France or Germany that may aggravate the crisis of the European Union. Wilder’s party is anti-UE and anti-Euro.

In “Holland in light and shade” we heard different politicians, social and cultural representatives, for and against the extreme right party, and also other member of the Muslim community or refugees. Those ones are in the spotlight of the extreme right party.

We visit also Almere and the touristic city of Volendam, both strongholds where Wilders won in different elections.




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