Hong Kong’s rage

What is happening in Hong Kong?  What are the reasons why protesters and police are fighting in the streets for months? 


One of the main financial centers in the world is facing a critical phase.  


En Portada witnesses some of the tensest moments in its streets.  For months, police and protesters are having the worst confrontation in the region for decades.  We have searched for the keys and the analysis of this crisis. 

Hong Kong belongs to China but it is a semi-autonomous region, with its own currency, political system and cultural identity.  The United Kingdom handed the island back to China after 150 years of colonization and the territory has kept under a formula of two systems, that gives them some freedoms, inexistent in mainland China, like freedom of speech or freedom of assembly.  But some think that China wants to exercise a bigger control and that in 2047, the current status-quo will come to an end and China will repeal all their freedoms.

The trigger of the protests has been the extradition bill to mainland China, what has been seen by many in Hong Kong as an attempt to greenlight the extradition of political dissidents.

During the last couple of months protests have come from pacific protests, that filled the streets in the beginning of summer, to the last attacks with knives, or an injured by real fire by the police during a protest.  Violence is increasing and Beijing has urged the authorities in Hong Kong to take more severe and effective actions to end protests immediately.




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