En Portada tackles the drama of the honor crimes in Jordan.

These assassinations are carried out by a male member of the family, with the justification the family has been dishonored and that only blood can bring honor back.

We enter in the Jweidah jail, in Amman, the only place were victims can find shelter.

In the 90s decade, Rana Husseini, a Jordan journalist discovered that many of the assassinations she covered for the Crime section of his newspaper, were, in reality, honor crimes. She investigated those stories and published them. Those were facts already known, but they were never spoken out, a taboo in a conservative society that kept those facts as a closely guarded secret.

It was uncovered that many of the authors of those assassinations stayed only a couple of months in jail, despite having committed those crimes, due to the permissibility of the laws. Activists, doctors, lawyers and different NGOs are still fighting today to get more severe punishment for those criminals, to help victims with more shelters and foster homes, and over all, to eradicate those crimes in the country.




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