Joan Brossa, a passable poet

For Joan Brossa (Barcelona, 1919-1998) poetry is an open adventure he wanted to take over through all possible disciplines: literary poetry, scenic poetry (theater), film, visual poems (on paper), objet poems (plastic arts) or passable poems (sculptures). This documentary tackles his plastic work, but also shows the rest of creative fields. The connecting thread is the artist himself through several interviews of him. We recover some of those pieces with the ideas he had at the zenith of his career. We will also find some testimonies of those who accompanied him along his creative path.


The first public notice we have about Brossa is as a member of the avan-garde group created around the Dau al Set magazine. He met there several creators, such as Antoni Tàpies (who was a good friend of Brossa), Joan Ponç or Arnau Puig. Years later, he achieved the individual recognition, but not always in the fields he loved most. He never stopped being a literary poet, as highlighted by Glória Bordons, Director of the Joan Brossa Foundation and Manuel Guerrero, his anthologist. During many years, he tried to triumph writing for theater without succeeding at it. The composer, Carles Santos, talks about his first reactions to his performances.




Visual Arts


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