José Luís Gómez, the mask and the words

We introduce a portrait of the life and work of a figure closely linked to the history of theatre in Spain. The director and actor José Luís Gómez is starting to prepare an ambitious staging of “La Celestina”, a play where he comes out with all his memories.


To discover this mystery, we have spent some months with José Luis Gómez during the creative process of this new staging of “La Celestina” while we have been investigating about his career, part of the history of Spanish theatre during the last five decades.


We have different testimonies of personalities close to the carácter such as Israel Elejade, Blanca Portillo, Carmen Machi, Albert Boadella, José Sanchís Sinisterra, Ana Belén, Ernesto Arias, Beatriz Argüello and Emilio Lledó among others. We show a rehearsal in the theatre of La Abadia and in the theatre of Comedy, where he premiered his play. We have travelled also with him during his holidays and we end the documentary in the Theater Festival of Almagro, in a very complicated personal moment where he showed his enormous commitment with his profession.




Performing Arts, Theatre


1 x 54'


One Off