Journey to the heart of UN

En Portada gets inside the heart of the organization to show how is prepared the major summit ever lived in the UN

From small details to crucial meetings, the viewer will feel the doors of the UN were opened for them.

The UN turned 70 years old. To celebrate it, it organized in the end of September 2015 the biggest summit of its history. During 3 days, 150 Chief of State got together in NYC and they subscribed 17 challenges to the sustainable development of the planet until 2030.

We filmed at the UN HQ all the preparations for the Summit. From close doors meetings about the agenda for the sustainable development or about the situation of the hot spots of the planet, or the preparation of thousands of meals, that respected different tastes and traditions, or the safety measure to prevent terrorist attacks.

The story has the participation of UN anonymous workers but also with the testimony of the former Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-oon, or the Deputy Secretary General, Jan Eliasson, or the Under Secretary General, Cristina Gallach




Current Affairs


1 x 40'


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