Juan Muñoz, poet of space

This biographical documentary about the amazing sculuptor from Madrid, Juan Muñoz, coincides with the 10th anniversary of his death on August 2001.

The film articulates around his original life, and a never seen before interview Muñoz did in the Comtemporary Art Centre of Galicia, in Santiago de Compostela, in 1996, where he reflexes about his work and his ideas.

The voices of some of his friends and some experts will transmit the artist’s passion, from an unquestionable free spirit. He tackled creation outside fashion, trends or formal ties. His creations are figurative sculpture, sound and architecture, literature and magic.

The film also rescues in images some footage of his workshop during the creative process. Spanish National Award in Plastic Arts in 2000, Juan Muñoz died suddenly a year later, at 48 years old, during the successful installation Double Bind, at the Tate Moden Gallery in London, a piece that consacreted him internationally as one of the biggest artists of the 20th Century.

International Award at Houston World Festival

Silver Dolphin Award in the Arts, Music & Culture Category at Cannes TV Festival.


English, Spanish


Visual Arts


1 x 60'


One Off