La Bestia

En Portada travels to Mexico to show the generosity of Las Patronas (The Patrons)

They are in charge of helping migrants crossing Mexico onboard the freight train, “La Bestia”

Mexico is the most travelled migration corridor in the world, a dangerous place for those who cross it on their way north to the border with the US. And also for those who witness it.

One of those routes to the US is still “La Bestia”, a huge freight train boarded by thousands of migrants. It is a dangerous transport method. Many have been killed or mutilated after falling out of the train. It is rare not to find a migrant that has not been robbed, extorted, vexed, detained, kidnapped, murdered, missing…

Right at the heart of such violence, right beside the rail tracks, there are shelters for those migrants looking for food and rest. One of them is located at La Patrona, a property in Amatlá de los Reyes (Veracruz).

Las Patronas (The Patrons) give their lives to migrants for 20 years now. They are 14 women who, following their own initiative, have decided to cook and hand bags with food and water to those on the train. They are the protagonists of this story.




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