Legendary Creatures

There are enigmas in Spain that have not yet been fully explained. We know the Saint Jordi tradition, but what is behind the myth of Saint George and the dragon? Beyond the story of Basajaun which was featured in “The Baztan Trilogy”, what other secrets can be found in Basque mythology? In this original production.  This series takes a deep dive into the world of legendary creatures in Spain. Throughout its six episodes we will hear about legends such as that of the Ojáncano (a Basque cyclops) as well as snakes, dragons, and Cantabrian fairies, making up a heritage of great diversity. Beyond getting to know the different creatures of Spanish mythology, the series tries to dismantle the stories which had a more mystical side, revealing the true story behind stories such as the witch¬-burning which took place during the Inquisition. . We visit various regions of Spain, creating a magical atmosphere and gaining a better understanding of myths that previously had no explanation.


Ep. 1 Land of dragons

Ep. 2 Beings of the deeps

Ep. 3 Inhabitants of the infraworld

Ep. 4 Keepers of the forest

Ep. 5 Witches and sorcerers

Ep. 6 The world of the goblins



Spanish, English




6 x 60'






The History Channel Iberia