Lurgio’s Path

En Portada shows the wounds that still remain open in Peru, 20 years after the conflict  

Lurgio Gavilán, who combated for both, the Shining Path guerrilla movement and the army, tells us how he lived it as an “unknown soldier”


Lurgio Gavilán is a particular biographer of Shining Path.  His life has been marked by the conflict.  Twenty-five years after the arrest of the leading members of Shining Path, the wounds left by this bloody chapter of the Peruvian History remain open in its society today.


Neither the time past, nor the work of the Truth Commission, nor the long prison sentences have made those wounds heal.  As an evidence of this, the big controversy generated after the release of the prisoners of Shining Path who have served their sentence but never showed, at least in public, any regret.


At the same time, some of those who lived the conflict directly, from both sides, as children, kids and teens.  They think about all those years.  That is the case of Lurgio Gavilán, former member of Shining Path and military, or José Carlos Agüero, son of a guerrilla member.


Lurgio’s Path has the thoughts and analysis of an exceptional witness, the Literature Nobel Prize winner, Mario Vargas Llosa




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