María Pagés, the lived-in body

The documentary approaches to the world of flamenco, and the particular creative universe of the choreographer and dancer María Pagés. We go with her to different tours and rehearsals, showing her personal view on flamenco art.

We go the Conde Duque theatre in Madrid, to the performance of her play “Hear me with your eyes” where Maria dances alone on the stage, accompanied only by her musicians. The sensations provoked by her movements is comparable to the surprise of being facing something unique.

Besides, we will accompany the artist in her tour in Japan, to the premiere of her play “Dunes” in the mythical Bunkamura Theater in Tokyo, all an experience to discover the love and respect of this country for flamenco. This choreography makes us think about the search of the human being, his capacity to love and his social commitment.

María Pagés is conscious of the importance of the construction of dramaturgy in the creation of a play. During the last years she has shared with task with the writer and poet El Arbi El Harti. This creative search gave as a result their last play, “Ode to the time”, a reflection on the passing of time.


English, Spanish


Performing Arts, Flamenco, Dance


1 x 58'


One Off