Mission 65

Mission 65tells the tough journey of the Open Arms during the summer in the Mediterranean. 

 Two teams of En Portada, one onboard the boat and the other in Lampedusa have followed step by step the whole journey of the migrants.


The boat Open Arms set sail from the seaport of Syracuse on July 29th.   It was its mission number 65.  The toughest of them all, as per the representatives of the humanitarian organization.

Only our crew was onboard to document the intensity of this tough journey that ended on August 20th.

The boat faced three recues, and had on its deck more than 160 refugees.  During weeks, the boat sailed in the Mediterranean waiting for the authorization to disembark in a safe port.  Italy and Malta rejected them.  The ending came thanks to the Italian justice that ordered to facilitate the disembarking.

During the crossing we gathered the testimonies of many refugees mostly sub-Saharan, Libyans and Syrians.  Their memories are the core of this piece.

Further than the crossing and the testimonies, the Open Arms reopened the debate in the European Union about its migration policy that generated diplomatic disputes between the governments of Italy and Spain.




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