Mujica, the president

En Portada follows closely the last days of the President of Uruguay.

He leaves power disappointed by the incapacity of the world to solve their problems.

We enter the residence of the President, a humble house in the middle of the Uruguayan countryside. We find there a leaving Chief of a State who think about its mandate, his life and the world that surrounds him.

Flower grower, fair-goer, commander of the Tupamara guerrilla, senator, minister and President of the Republic. Those are only a few of the “jobs” he has done Jose Mújica. His life gives for a lot of lives and all of them are to be told. With almost 80 years, he leaves the Presidency of Uruguay. The law limits the number of reelections for two consecutive mandates and for age reasons it would be difficult for him to consider himself for reelection in 5 years later.

The farewell of Jose Mújica, for his fellow citizens just “El Pepe”, coincides at the peak of his prestige as leader, mostly out of his country. The Economist magazine chose Uruguay as the Country of the Year due to Mujica’s measures for human happiness. The President has proved himself to be one of a kind, an anomaly of the system, to whom power does not seem to have changed. Half governor half philosopher, Pepe Mújica leaves convinced that people cannot be irreplaceable, but the ideas can.




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