Golden Award in the World Media Festival, Hamburg as the Best Investigative Report. Bronze Medal as Best Story in New York Festival and Finalist in the Monte Carlo Festival.

Nisman shows all different hypothesis about the death of the Argentinian prosecutor.

The documentary ends with the confession of the only charged person in the case, the IT technician Diego Lagomarsino: “It was not me… and it is very difficult to keep on saying I did not kill anyone”. Before hearing his confession, the documentary develops 40 minutes of frantic narration with testimonies as brutal as disturbing.

The prosecutor Natalio Alberto Nisman was found dead in the bathroom of his own apartment the day before he planned to make public some evidences against the former Argentinian President, Cristina Fernandez de Kichner. He was investigating a terrorist attack against the Jewish community in Buenos Aires and he linked those with the Argentinian Secret Services.

All protagonists of this thriller talk to us and we cover all different hypothesis of a case that has taken the breath out of the Argentinians. Due to its complex plots and never ending investigation lines, it is with no doubt the most complex case in the recent History of Argentina.



Spanish, English


Current Affairs


1 x 40'


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