Obama out

Only a few days to his exit of the White House, En Portada remembers Barack Obama’s 8 years as President of the United States

We analyze the landmarks of his Presidency from Obamacare to the non-intervention of Syria.


In August 2013, Barack Obama took one of the decision that best defines his stay in office in International politics. After drawing a red line in 2012 over the military intervention of the United States in Syria for the use of chemical weapons, he changed his mind once he knew the regime of Basher el Asad had attacked with sarin gas the neighborhood of Ghouta, near Damasco. Diplomat forcefulness versus military restrain. This would be Obama’s doctrine.
The no-intervention in Syria, or the efforts to pass his health reform, are some of the examples developed by En Portada to show the political action of President Obama.

His peculiar career is also useful to understand his political vision: the memories of his own mother who fought against insurance companies while she was suffering from cancer could explain is strong determination for his Obamacare plan, or his personal transformation at his 20s and 30s when he passes from being a disoriented and confused youngster to become an ambitious and charming figure.




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