Parallel 38

En Portada travels to the last existing border of the Cold War


2018 is the year of the detente between the two Koreas.


Parallel 38 is a journey to the border between the two Koreas, the last one lasting from the Cold War.  A separation line set during the war in 1950, the open wounds and the kidnapped by the North.


One of the kidnapped is Hwnag-In-Cheol’s father.  He has not seen him again since 1969, when his plane was hijacked by a North-Korean agent.  He was only 2 years old.


Several North-Korean deserters tell in first person the reasons why they decided to escape from the most hermetic country on Earth.  Several run from the famine, others in search of freedom.  Many have been victims of Human Rights violations during the Stalinist dictatorship.


All our protagonists live with expectation the first steps of detente, specially after the summit between the two Koreas in April and may, between Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in, and between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, in June.


There is another summit expected in Pyongyang on September 2018.  With the nuclear disarmament as the main pitfall, the objective is to get a definitive peace agreement.  The brutal Korean war ended with a simple armistice and the end of hostilities.




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