Pieces of another Cuba

En Portada shows the revolution of the LGBTI community in Cuba

Personal stories of LGTBI Cubans and the testimony of Mariela Castro, deputy and daughter of Raul Castro, who works for the rights of sexual minorities.


Pieces of another Cuba is a documentary about the personal stories of some members of the LGTBI community in the island, some pieces of their lives.
During the last 10 years, Cuba has had what could be called as a “LGTBI revolution”, a transition where the former homophobia of the State has been left behind.

The movement is making its own revolution within the revolution. During decades, gays, lesbians, transsexuals and other members of the community have suffered repression and institutional prosecution in Cuba. Now, they speak openly about their rights.

This initiative gathered momentum with the deputy Mariela Castro. She found the direct opposition or the conservative and homophobic sectors of society. Meanwhile, others demand the protection of all kinds of human rights.

This documentary was filmed in the middle of the social debate of the reform of the Constitution that questioned the possibility to allow same-sex marriages.




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