Ramon Menendez Pidal, The hidden history in the words

The Hidden History in the Words tells the long road traveled by the Spanish philologist Ramon Menendez Pidal, to demonstrate how people’s creativity perpetuated a long tradition of sang, recited or danced ballads, that kept some fragments of historical facts so he could prove the existence of a medieval epic in the Spanish culture.

He dedicated most of his free time to do on field research, taking testimony of direct sources in the most remote villages in the Spanish and Latin American geography, creating with the help of his collaborators a humanistic laboratory that will lead to the Archive Collection of Ballads.

He catapulted the Medieval Epic and the History of the Languages worldwide with legends such as “The Lara’s Infants” or the “Cantar of Mio Cid” (The Sang of Mio Cid).  He was an advisor in the feature film “El Cid Campeador” by Anthony Mann.  During the Spanish civil war his files of the History of the Language and the Ballads traveled to Geneva, together with the paintings from the Prado Museum.







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