Riace Opens its doors

En Portada portrays the Italian village of Riace, saved from depopulation thanks to the arrival of hundreds of refugees.

The project is a work of its mayor Domenico Lucano, a man who has been recognized by the American magazine Fortune as one of the top 50 most inspiring people in the world.

18 years ago, a small boat full of Kurdish refugees arrived to the beaches of Riace. Domenico Lucano, its mayor today, understood that the destiny offered him the opportunity to repopulate a small village, condemned to disappear by emigration: most of its inhabitants left to the richer cities to the North of Italy.

Thanks to the association Città Futura, Domenico Lucano has implemented different projects, such as the garbage collection or the crafts workshops, creating jobs both for immigrants and for those who once had to leave and today have decided to go back to their hometown.

Its success has made other villages in the area to follow Riace’s example.




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