Saudade of my neighborhood

En Portada shows how the old neighborhoods of big cities lose their soul.


We walk around the Lisbon  neighborhood of Alfama and see how their lifelong neighbors are disappearing. 


Saudade de mi barrio analyses the overcrowding of tourism and the housing speculation in the capital of Portugal.


Saudade of my neighborhood visits Alfama, one of the most touristic areas of Lisbon.  A place where most of their buildings have been renovated, but where a majority of their neighbors were evicted from their homes.


Homeowners do not extend rentals to long-term tenants and they turn those houses into tourist’s apartments.  In a very few years, the acquisition price has rocketed in all Lisbon areas.  The most affected ones are the eldest people who have been living there during all their lives.  Youngsters have also been kicked out of the city center.


This phenomenon of “touristification” also affects traditional shops which place has been taken by other kind of stores for tourists.


The country, one of the most affected by the crisis of 2008, made tourism as the driving force of their economy and some tax breaks were implemented to appeal foreign investments.  Many retired European citizens have moved to Portugal to save taxes in the pensions.




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