Seeds of Uruguay

En Portada travels to Uruguay, the first country in the world to fully legalize marihuana.

The experiment tries to fight drug trafficking, prevent consumption and offer user’s cannabis of quality.

The first legal sowing of marihuana is on its way in Uruguay. June is harvest time and a few weeks later, that marihuana will be available at pharmacies in the country. Good quality marihuana and one of the cheapest in the world. The experiment, carried out by the Government of Uruguay has surprised, because they go further, but above all, faster, when they passed a law that the State assumes production, distribution and control of the marihuana, the most consumed illegal drug in the world.

This law is unique, but it also has its risks. The legalization of cannabis, at least this is the objective of the Uruguayan government, will allow to fight drug dealers, to reduce their market share and to move marihuana users away from other most dangerous drugs such as cocaine, heroin or the base paste, the cheapest derivative of cocaine, that wreak havoc.




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