Shadows of Budapest

A new law in Hungary will ban and criminalize homeless people who live in the streets.


This new law, advocated by PM Viktor Orban, is considered by many as a backward movement in individual freedoms.


En Portada shows a Budapest far from the gaze of the millions of tourists that visit the city every year.  A city by night, full of blankets and old mattresses.

According to the United Nations, there are around 50,000 homeless people in Budapest.  Police has orders to take any homeless people they find in the streets to public shelters, but NGOs complain there is a lack of beds in all refuges.  Besides, as per that law, if they keep in the streets after three warnings, they are arrested and all their belongings are destroyed.

The documentary shows these people whose destiny has lead them to live in the streets in a country with freezing temperatures during winter.  Many freeze to death if they cannot find a place to shelter.

Thanks to the absolute majority of his party, the Fidesz, the Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has succeeded to pass several laws that have been criticized for violating the human rights, going against European rules.  The homeless are the new target of the Hungarian PM, Viktor Orban.




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