Slave princesses

Trafficking of Nigerian women for sexual exploitation has skyrocketed during the last years.  Among them, there are more and more minors. 

Victims of trafficking tells En Portada how they were enslaved and how the mafia that forces them to prostitution works.  


During the last couple of years women trafficking for sexual exploitation has intensified.  Since the Arab revolts in 2011, the route through Libya and the Mediterranean has become more profitable than ever for traffickers.  Even if in 2014 less than 1,500 Nigerian women arrived in Italy to be exploited, in 2016 the figure reached 11,000, according to International Organization for Migration (IOM).  Among them, there are more and more minors.


En Portada has travelled to Italy, the main entrance gate for this human trafficking in Europe.  The organizations fighting against it figure out that around 98% of Nigerian prostitutes in Italy are victims of sex trade.  And they estimate there is a criminal mafia organization behind, able to move around 380 million euros per year.


Six victims of sex trade had the courage to tell us their story, to uncover the keys of the procedures of this human traffic: how they take advantage of their vulnerability to catch them in a circle of slavery through lies, a jury over a voodoo ritual, a huge debt almost impossible to settle, threats, extortion and violence.


This slavery of the 21st century is sometimes hidden behind walls, but many other times is at everybody’s eyes.  Our crew has visited one of these “sex markets” where victims of trade are forced to work.  The Italian authorities and from other countries try to fight against it, next to civil organizations and even the victims themselves.  Princess is one of them: she dreamed with a better future in Europe and once in Italy, she was forced to prostitution.  Now she is helping other victims to get out of their slavery.  She tries to show them an exit door, and to throw this message to society: “We are not prostitutes, we are slaves”.




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