Slaves of Daesh

Nadia Murad has become a symbol for more than 5,000 yazidíes women and girls, turned into sex slaves by Daesh. Slaves of Daesh tells the story and possible genocide committed against the Yazidí people.

Four victims kidnapped by Daesh tells the horror of their slavery.

During the offensive in the North of Iraq, the self-proclaimed Islamic State, carried out countless attacks against the Yazidi community, a religious minority of the Kurdish ethnic group. Daesh executed thousands of men and kidnapped more than 5,000 women and girls to turn them into sex slaves.

Nadia Murad was one them. The protagonist of this story tells to the camera and with details, the horror she suffered under the jihadists hands.

Today, around 3,000 Yazidi women and girls are still sex slaves for Daesh. In December 2015, Nadia Murat participated in the Security Council in the UN and asked the world to end the cruelty. Her humanitarian mission started that day, and since then she meets with different political leaders and she travels the world with the aim of achieving the recognition from the international community of the genocide and to help victims like herself.


Grand Prix – World Media Festival Hamburg (Germany)

Golden Globe News Documentary – World Media Festival Hamburg (Germany)


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